I am a Guernsey-based landscape photographer known primarily for my images that set out to capture the diversity and constantly evolving beauty of the Island’s coastal landscape. Often working either very early or late in the day, when the light is at it’s most dramatic and magical, I have spent many hundreds of hours searching for the perfect combination of time, tide and light.

I tend to shoot at either the beginning or the end of the day for a number of reasons. The warm light of a sun low in the sky can transform a scene and is completely different to the (often harsh) light which one finds during the middle part of the day.
Shooting in low light also allows me to employ very long shutter speeds, of up to a few minutes in some cases. I use this technique in an attempt to transform and simplify the image. I want to strip away excess detail and visual 'noise' in an attempt to reveal the fundamental form and structure of the landscape. The sea is transformed when photographed with a long exposure - A half a second and detail and texture can still be made out, along with the movement of breaking waves. More than thirty seconds and the water is magically transformed into mist or a glass-like mirror.

Guernsey is a small island with a relatively large population. It can often feel quite claustrophobic. I love the feeling of being outdoors at sunrise, whilst the majority of the island is still asleep. The sense of peace with nobody else around to break the spell is intoxicating. It is at times like these that I feel most alive and able to produce my best work.

I have been asked why there are so few people in my landscapes. Well as I've already said they're either still in bed or at home having tea! Actually the absence of people is intentional. I want my images to appear timeless. If successful they should not only record the scene as it was the moment the shutter was pressed but should also hint at the slow evolution of the landscape over time. I'm happy to include man-made structures, like the groynes at Vazon or the bathing pools at La Valette because these structures are subjected to the same forces as the natural landscape that surrounds them. They have weathered and been eroded in the same way as the sand and rock. The presence of people just doesn't seem to fit and would, in my opinion, ground the image too much in the now and ultimately leave less to the imagination of the viewer.

A note on equipment

I don't like to dwell on technical details concerning cameras and lenses. In fact it does annoy me sometimes when someone’s first response to looking at a photograph is to say 'Wow great photo, you must have a really good camera!' After all if someone serves you great food you don't immediately think ' Wow, I bet you’ve got a really good oven!’

Up until May 2006 I shot all my images exclusively on colour transparency film. However, following the latest developments in digital equipment I, along with many other serious amateur and professional photographers, took the plunge and moved over to this medium.
I now use a digital SLR camera and 'pro' lenses. The quality really is outstanding. The images when viewed on a computer screen can only hint at the quality of a large, professionally produced print.
I don't use any colour or special effects filters and only use Photoshop to make fine adjustments to levels, contrast and saturation in order to match the image as close as possible to the scene that originally presented itself to me at the time. The amazing colours and tones present in some of these images is purely a result of nature doing its thing and me dragging myself out of bed early enough to witness and record it on camera!

A note on print quality

All prints are produced to the highest standards by a professional laboratory using the latest printing technology and fade resistant, archival materials

Much of my work is available for purchase directly from this website using the secure PayPal method. However if you are based in Guernsey and would like to see actual print examples of my pictures I am more than happy to meet with you personally. Alternatively Quay Gallery, who are based in Mill Street, St Peter Port, hold an extensive collection of my prints at all times.

I am happy to discuss individual commissions.
Please get in touch via the Website Contact Page or telephone 07781 436275 to discuss your requirements